Please help fix moire problem

Started Jun 8, 2004 | Discussions thread
John Fulton Senior Member • Posts: 2,940
Re: Please help fix moire problem


This link will take you to a download of two moire reducer Photoshop plugins. Read instructions where to download and how to load. I use it on CS PS. You will be downloading to plugins. One called Moire reducer ( Walters method ) and Moire reducer 2 ( Hogan procedure ).

I have found the Moire reducer ( Walters method ) most effective. On Grey's example ( Denim jeans ) I used the lasso tool to only surround/contain the moire effected area. Once selected I run the Moire reducer ( Walters method ). This did eliminate alot of moire but still left redish areas inside selected area. So I then reselected the reddish area's and used the Channel mixer in CS and used only the red source slider to eliminate the reddish area completely.

At this point in time this has been the most effective way for me to rid the moire from my images when present. I would say that Grey's example of moire has not been the worst I've seen but it comes near that.
I hope this will be helpful to you when needed as it has been for me.



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