Please help fix moire problem

Started Jun 8, 2004 | Discussions thread
Clint Mers Junior Member • Posts: 46
I am testing a Caprock 5.6 filter

I have a Caprock filter now, ordered last week. I'm just waiting for the step up adapter from Adorama to arrive so I can test. I'm testing 5.6, so you may want to get a different "strength."

The filters are not expensive. $100 for a $4800 camera is not much. We'll see if they work though. I would guess that if it did work, most folks would need to get the square filter to use with the Lee filter system or something. I doubt I'll be able to use the 67mm filter permanently cause I'm sure it will vignette on my Canon lenses, but it should be fine for testing -- and it didn't require a filter system, just $10 for the adapter.

Caprock says you can return the filter if it does not work for you.

Will post results once the adapter arrives.

greydarrah wrote:

I'm going to order the Caprock filter and see if it works. To
complicate the matter, they offer it in 4 different strengths with
a compromise of sharpness as your moire filter gets stronger. I'm
going to go with the number 8 filter and see how it does. I'll
keep you posted.


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