Please help fix moire problem

Started Jun 8, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Please help fix moire problem

What you are trying to do with an AA filter is cut any detail from the image that is beyond the ability of the sensor to sample accurately without damaging detail at lower spatial resolutions.

There doesn't seem to be an optical equivalent of the 'brick wall' filters used in audio, so blurring the image by just the right amount seems to be the only trick.

Stopping down the lens to f22 will do this (diffraction softness) so I would image that in a studio situation any kind of softening trick should work (i.e. use a soft lens, add a soft focus filter, smear some vaseline on those expensive pro lenses...!).

Try it and see what happens...

greydarrah wrote:

I'm not a scientist, and maybe I'm over simplifying this subject,
but if this is all about a missing AA filter over the sensor, isn't
there some equivelant filter that can screwed onto the end of your


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