ZoomBrowser EX automatic delete after download

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Re: ZoomBrowser EX automatic delete after download

Anson wrote:

automtic delete AFTER downloading to the computer.
Why? Imagine you have taken say 100 pictures, downloaded them to
your computer and the images are still in the memory card.
Next time you take another 100 images and the memory card is full,
and you figured out the the old images that have been downloaded
are still in the memory. Now, do you want to delete these old
images one by one? It doesn't only waste time (that means you may
miss many important snapshot moment), but also wasting battery!

It sounds like you don't need automatic deletion, but just a way to mass-delete all the pics on the flash after you downloaded them.

This is very doable via zoombrowser:

  • After you download your pictures (& make sure they're OK!), go back to the Camera Window (hit "browse and download images" button).

  • You should see all you photos on the flash card as usual.

  • Click on the "Select" button along the bottom row of icons, and pick "Select all" from the menu that pops up.

  • Now click on the "Delete" icon, and you're all set - all the photos will be deleted at once.

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