Methanol and Gauze to Clean CMOS?

Started Jun 2, 2004 | Discussions thread
ali alriffai Regular Member • Posts: 305
am waiting for PEC PADs

I orderd pec pad only from B&H & it was'nt possible to order Eclips with it

but am working in chemical plants & I can get 99.999% pure Methanol>

note: there is no 100% pure methanol can be found & it's very very highly VAPORISED chemical & flamable (WITH UNVISIBLE FLAME)

but in our methanol there is some of PPM(part per million) of other chemicals or water.

around 2 PPM witch is less than 0.00001%

I'll get the pads next week & i'll try to post the steps of my 10D (open heart surgery) sensor

2nd NOTE:

if any one here have (Eclips) solution & he wants to make sure it's methanol try to ignite very small quantity of it & look if there is a flame or no

(((CAUTION))): do it in small plate of glass & little drops using long type of kitchen lighter

& sorry for my bad language

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