Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

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Re: Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market -Additions

After hearing some of the other comments and thinking about the reviews of the current units, I realized I forgot a very important addition.

5. Battery Life

It is amazing to me that most of the units on the market are only good for 4 or 5 CF transfers before they die. Even the newly announced Sony is rumored to only have a 60 minute battery life.

If a unit can not support a days worth of on-location shooting then it has to at least have interchangable batteries. Can you imagine how people would react if you had a dslr that only lasted an hour ? Ideally a psd should last as long as my camera battery but given the current technology that is not likely to happen.

So I would like to add battery life to my list of must haves for any usuable piece of photo gear and that includes a psd. Because if your psd battery dies you might as well just put the camera in the bag and go home.

Manufacturers must start thinking about portable storage as part of a SYSTEM. This is not an add on accessory like a flash. A psd must operate seemlessly with my other gear and last just as long, both physcially as well as electrically.

I would think that 3 hours is the bare mininum and preferably 6-10 would no be unreasonable considering the rest of your photo gear. Now as always the trade off is weight so that is a balancing act that every engineer wrestles with in designing such a product.

Just out of curiosity which unit on the market today has the best battery life ?


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