How good is Tokina 24-200 ATX AF lens?

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Re: How good is Tokina 24-200 ATX AF lens?

wu chou wrote:

I am wondering if there is any comparison of Tokina 24-200 ATX AF
lens with Tamron 28-70, EF 28-135IS or EF 24-70f/2.8L in terms of
image sharpness and quality. I am thinking a sharper lens to
replace EF 28-135IS, which is a kind of soft to me.

How good is this lens? Any pictures of this lens to pose?

Here is an article about it. But there is no comparison.

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As with every lens, there appear to be good copies and bad copies out there. I have had two copies of this lens (long story) and both were excellent.

I chose the Tokina AT-X 24-200 as my walkaround lens over the Tamron 24-135 SP and the Canon 28-135 IS, and yes, I have used all three.

Some users on this forum have said that their experiences with the lens have been poor, but mine have been very good.

Things to be aware of:

1) Ugly bokeh... This also means that slight misfocus looks worse than it actually is.

2) Susceptibility to flare.

3) The lens is HEAVY.

4) Some distortion and vignetting, but hey, it's a 24-200, what do you expect?!

5) Obviously, at f/3.5-5.6 and no IS, it's not meant to be an indoor available-light lens.

I posted these once before on a Tokina 24-200mm thread, but just for fun, I'll post them again. It's a quick test shot that I took to respond to another member's concerns about softness wide open.

Pic taken with EOS-D60 at 105mm wide open, standard in-camera sharpening, JPEG:

100% crop, unaltered:

If you stop down to f/7.1 or f/8 this lens is every bit as sharp as any other lens I've ever used.


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