It is that time of year again: Sigma Shoot

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Re: It is that time of year again: Sigma Shoot

Laurence Matson wrote:

We would like to announce the next Sigma Shoot. Some time ago, it
was decided to do these at the seasonal changes. Therefore, the
next Shoot begins on June 21 and ends on June 28.

We are proposing that seasonal change remains the topic, but with a
twist. We would like you to show something of where you live at the
same time. Therefore, this shoot should be done near or around your
home, or whatever serves as home during this period. Specifically,
we would like you to limit yourself to a radius of about 100 yards
or meters of your home.

I'm in. Most of my 4000 shots are within this perimeter anyway. I'm just too lazy too move when it's not necessary. And then I have no car... I'll have to think of a way to get the airplanes that pass over here to go down to 100 m, .... without actually landing...

ole thofte

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