It is that time of year again: Sigma Shoot

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Re: Quick question then

Dave Vavra wrote:

Does the yard around each house count as 1 yard or 4 as there's a
front yard, back yard and two side yards?

I'm so glad you didn't say 100 meters because around my house
there's an electric meter, a gas meter and a water meter. Oh no! I
forgot the speed-o-meter in each car! I'd be so busy counting I
wouldn't have time for shooting. Or would I only have to count a
single type? Course I could make each shot count -- might save me a
lot of trouble.

Yes, metric would have been too confusing.

Uh yup

So if I have this right, we photograph all the houses in our neighborhood with their respective meters and yards? But with 3 meters and 4 yards per house It still doesn't come out even. Is there a slider in SPP for this problem? I'm so confused. And does it matter what batteries I use?
And what is it about Daves that make them pick on Laurence?

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