It is that time of year again: Sigma Shoot

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Laurence Matson
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knots-hope you don't have siding

This will never work.

Here's the deal. Measure the length of a football field with a piece of string. Tie another piece of string around your house. Using a curtain ring as the anchor, tie the football-field string to the string around the house. Take a piece of chalk and mark a dotted line at the end as you drag it fully extended around the house. Repeat this process after each rainstorm. That is your line.

Meteric folks should just insert "meter" for "yard" above.

Dave Vavra wrote:
Does the yard around each house count as 1 yard or 4 as there's a
front yard, back yard and two side yards?

I'm so glad you didn't say 100 meters because around my house
there's an electric meter, a gas meter and a water meter. Oh no! I
forgot the speed-o-meter in each car! I'd be so busy counting I
wouldn't have time for shooting. Or would I only have to count a
single type? Course I could make each shot count -- might save me a
lot of trouble.

Yes, metric would have been too confusing.

Uh yup

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