Pretec 12 GB Compact Flash

Started May 27, 2004 | Discussions thread
Luke Church Contributing Member • Posts: 526
How dumb is that???

4GB Compact Flash card has debuted, but Kanguru is the first to
release a 4GB flash drive. The KanguruMicro 2.0 drive can even hold
8GB data, assuming 2:1 data compression.

If this is a true new trend, it's an extemely dumb one...

Let's think about the kind of data people put in their compact flash cards...

Pictures (often JPEG, nicely fractally and psychovisually compressed already)
MP3 (psychoauditary compression)
MPEG video (Psychovisual and psychoaudiatry compression).

So maybe** it works for some forms of RAW image, but only maybe... If the manufacture is using encryption or compression, then it isn't going to work....

Next time I want to buy a compact flash card to store my 8Gb uncompressed text file I'll jump at the offer...

Excuse the sarcasm and thanks for the warning,


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