Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

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Re: Editorial - State of the Portable ... WOW

Michael Levy wrote:

See http://www.oqo.com for a neat looking device. I'm sure it is expensive
as can be, and perhaps 20 gig is too small. It sure looks

Michael, very interesting and thanks for the link. I do know how many of you took the time to read the entire site but it is right right on target and educational.

Take a minute and read this page on the site it is a very good read on the industry and the pocket pc market.

I was particularly impressed with the modular approach which is exactly what we need. I also liked the snap in base concept that would hold additional batteries and other features.

Also this page mentions that the device should hit the market at $1000. Now I am skeptical about their ability to make this target price but if they hit the market at this price that means they will only go down from there. Yea !!


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