Pretec 12 GB Compact Flash

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Re: It will hold 1 hour of digital video

Lots of reasons CF is better than hard drives for these kinds of applications,

  1. 1 Heavy... even the lightest 20 gig hard drive is pretty bulky compared to CF

  1. 2 Large size, related to #1 even the smallest 20 gig hard drive is pretty large compared to CF.

  1. 3 battery power hard drives take a lot more energy to use than solid state CF. So if you use a hard drive you need a larger and heavier battery.

  1. 4 CF is easily removable... when one fills up you just plop in another

  1. 5 CF is more reliable than any hard drive

The only issue I can see with CF is its speed... but with 12 gigs of memory I think the card would have to be pretty fast. Probably capable of 15mb/second I would guess, which is pretty comparable to most laptop hard drives.

Thy2 wrote:

cwmartin wrote:

It is interesting that it takes exactly 12gb of space to hold 60
minutes of digital video. I suspect the target customer for this
card would be some news media people with the newest pro video
camcorders that will record the digital video onto a CF card (which
is much small than a tape). Besides, TV news people are the only
ones who can afford to pay so much for a CF card.


Well, why not install a 3.5" Hard Drive (20 to 250GB and beyond...)
into a digital camcorder itself? Sony had some DVD-camcorders.
Hitachi and others too, but why not plug in a cheap hard drive?
20GB HDD is around $50.

I'm curious why the engineers not doing that?

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