Pretec 12 GB Compact Flash

Started May 27, 2004 | Discussions thread
Sean Keegan Senior Member • Posts: 2,994
Re: Pretec 12 GB Compact Flash

I guess you have not read this thread.... there are lots of people who will buy it. This price is a good deal to some people.


cangguek wrote:
I assume this card never present in the real world.

Or, it is manufactured just for research, not to be marketed.

Why, because simply no one "crazy" going to purchase it.


John Nicholson wrote:

I'm interested in learning why anyone would consider purchasing
this CF card at the staggering price of $14,900.

I assume that potential users (presumably only professionals) must
have a need to take several hundred RAW photos without changing
cards but I'm struggling to come up with examples of where this
type of requirement would exist?


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