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Big pockets you have!

BorisK1 wrote:

  • it's a pocket-size PC with USB-2.0 connectors, a hard drive, and

a built-in CD-ROM (or they put in a CD-RW+DVD-ROM, but that costs
extra). Doesn't have a display or a keyboard, but has standard
connectors. I'm thinking, in the field a small keypad could work
for input, and the LEDs on the keypad and the built-in speaker will
suffice for confirmation. Add a USB-2.0 card reader of your
choice. Write (very simple) copy software to copy the files to the
hard drive. And when you're back to your car or a hotel room,
attach an LED screen and a regular keyboard, and you'll be able to
do full-scale editing (heck, install Photoshop on that thing!).

Don't know if it runs on batteries though, or how rugged it is.

7,79 x 6,34 x 2,44 inches
19,8 x 16,1 x 6,2 cm

Takes little more space as my laptop, my laptop needs more table space but is 2,5 times thinner.

Then add keyboard and some kind of display...

And it seems to have Pentium 4 processor, not any mobile version laptops have. So I am pretty sure it doesn't work on batteries.

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