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mjmann77 wrote:

Is it a sign of phasing out the 2200 that the prices at Costco.com
and amazon.com have gone down to 579 & 585 (USD)?

Is the 2400 coming this fall as mentioned in a post earlier this

My wife wants a wide carriage printer to help her with her 12x12
pages she uses for scrapbooks. Sounded like a good excuse to go
after the 2200. But, if there's a new printer coming out this fall
with the R800's new qualities, maybe we'll wait. On the other
hand, the 2200 is a great printer and we could save over a hundred

What to do?


One suggestion I might make is that you purchased the 2200 through CompUSA; for $75.00 (give or take) you can purchase a 2 year warranty. If you don't like the printer or Epson comes out with something better, you can return the 2200 and applied what you paid for it toward new merchandise. I have used this exchange on printers and it is worth the extra money to know it can be returned if I am not satisfied with it.

I own the 2200 now for almost 1 year and have been satisfied with it for the most part. I was able to get CompUSA to throw in a new set of ink cartridges, if I purchased the additional warranty. So perhaps this idea might help.


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