Pretec 12 GB Compact Flash

Started May 27, 2004 | Discussions thread
bigmamou New Member • Posts: 14
Re: Lots of people will buy this card......

John Nicholson wrote:

I guess I can understand that there will be a market for the
product. The one thing I can be certain about is that I won't be
in that particular market.


Nor are you intended to be in that market. This card is being marketed to video and still pros who are now awaiting their orders for it. One of my long-time friends works for a prominent sport films company in NYC - I called him today to ask if he heard of this card.....his company has pre-ordered 6 of them. Think of the possibilities - an ultra-small handheld video camera right up in the action using a small card that can hold all the action, be slipped to an assistant for processing while the cameraman continues to film, sounds like a great deal to me. Not to mention the savings on non-reusable film.

The most cogent point made in this thread is that this kind of tech advance will start a trickle down process to bigger cards for lower prices - let the good times roll!


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