Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

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Re: Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

LeeLove wrote:

wbee's post about the Nikon Coowalker caused me to put down some
thoughts about the current PSD market.
Is it just me or does $700 for a PSD seem ridiculous ? What is
Nikon thinking ?
$700 is BIG premium just for handheld portability. For $200 or $300
more you can buy a real laptop. Now granted you can't easily throw
this in your bag but give me a break.

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This conversation has finally broken through my too narrow mindset. I overlooked the obvious in searching for a complete solution in support of my upcoming 3 weeks in Great Britain:

The very compact Averatec laptop was put on sale by several chains this week at $750 for a 10 inch screen, 40gb drive, built-in wireless, and DVD/CD-RW combo drive for $750.

Load that little laptop up with Photoshop Elements and the highly underrated Photo Album 2.0. Carry enough card memory to handle a day's shooting. Back at the hotel room, dump the day's work to the laptop hard drive, burn backup CDs to mail home, or create zip files for transmission back home from the nearest internet cafe.

I can also think of one or two other uses for that little laptop when not using it as a deluxe PSD, too. Cant see the point in a Coolwalker when I can get a full fledged WinXP computer that still fits in a Nova 5 bag.


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