Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's news, not advertising...

greentank wrote:

point taken, However, it's still the equivalent to me of a $6,000
wastebasket or a $2000 shower curtain.

Only if the $6000 wastebasket or $2000 shower curtain do something that you need them to do, that can't be replaced by a lesser wastebasket or shower curtain.

The DPReview people put the
ad on their website, which as you stated contains 99.9% people who
will NOT buy this card. They might as well put up news
announcements for $5mil digital satellite cameras or Hubbel
Telescope optics.

What was that you said about "totally missing the point"?

It's not advertising, it's a new story. Someone sent Phil an interesting press relese (or, like a good journalist, he found it himself) about a product that gives you insight into what you're going to be using in your camera in the two or three years. He used his editorial judgement, thought it was interesting, and told us about it.

Sort of like when he did the article about the Philips fluid lens that could be focused with an electric charge. Or the articles about Foveon technology a year or two before Sigma actually put a Foveon sensor into the camera. Or the article about the Fuji 22mp sensor for high end digital backs.

The ridicule this product is getting here is
totally understandable - its being advertized on an improper forum.
But hey....a little harmless ridicule is fun every now and then.

True. But in this case, you're doing it to yourself.

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