Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You really are missing the point....

You missed the point. The point is that 'yes' it is really expensive. Yes no one who does casaul photography or even most pros would ever even consider buying one at this price. But we are not who this card is targeting, not by a long shot. Those people this card is targeting will happily pay this much money for that amount of memory that you can get in a single CF card no where else!

The point about the higher cost of cutting edge stuff gradually dropping to levels that you and I can afford is what I was illustrating. Nothing on this site is cutting edge. Do you really think the 1DS, SLRn, D1MKII, or any other camera on this site is cutting edge? Nope, what we consider pro is mass market consumer equiptment really? Try paying 30,000 or lots more for a digital camera. Now that is cutting edge equipment, and a pretty large market for the price, and you will not find them on this site.

Up until now large format digital backs and scanning backs have had to be tethered to a computer or use hard drives to handle the HUGE file sizes they produce. Now for the first time it is possible to make cameras that use this new 12 gig card and release these photographers from the chains of being tethered, and actually run for a decent time on batteries. You can bet $14,000 is worth it to some of these people.

How about high res digital camcorders now being able to get even smaller using this CF for its storage. For that matter, how about HDTV cameras that do not need to be tethered or have a hard drive and that could run on small batteries! I bet people like George Lucas could use quite a few of these cards in his production of Star Wars Episode 3 which like Episode 2 is being shot completely digitally. TV ads sometimes have budgets in the millions, and many of them have larger budgets than most movies! Having a HD camera truly portable and small is a huge advantage and a drop in the bucket of their budgets.

How about doctors being able to carry around a PDA or tablet PC with every patients records and X-Ray scans, MRI scans and databases of all drugs, etc. etc. on a single CF card? $14,000 is a drop in the bucket when some equiptment in hospitals runs in the millions. Did you know that LCD monitors used in the medical field can run $100,000 dollars or more for each monitor?! High dynamic range ultra high res LCDs with contrast ratios of 60,000 to 1!! (yes they really exist) Those would be perfect for us photgraphers, but they are not aimed at this market. (yet). This CF card is pocket change for them.

How about like others have mentioned, deep sea divers, explorers/scientists in antartica where changing cards could risk frostbite from removing your gloves to fiddle with CF cards, space exploration. I can think of hundreds of uses for this card where too many smaller cards would be impractical, and probably hundreds of uses I could never even dream of. There are lots of businesses and uses where the budgets are so large that $14,000 is like spending a single dollar would be for us.

So my whole point in this is:

This is not really targeted to the people who frequent this site. And the market will be large enough to sell many of them. Enough to drive the price down to where we can afford it in a few years. I can promise you that the company making this card is not trying to gouge people and rip them off. The technical work and research needed to make this technical marvel was SERIOUSLY expensive, and they are probably not making much profit at $14,000 dollars. But thankfully there will be enough sales that the cost of developing this behemoth will get paid for, and then the cost will fall rapidly, and hopefully in 3 years or so we will be able to buy one at Best Buy, or find them in MP3 players portable video players etc. I mean, that is enough space to hold a complete DVD at full resolution and then some! Almost enough space to hold an entire HD movie at 1920x1080!

It is not about thinking too much of myself. Just trying to get people to see this is a great step forward regardless of the cost. But as all such things that are cutting edge... they are expensive and not targeting the average person with these products. But all it takes is time and someday they will be giving these things away with a disposable 30 megapixel camera you get in a cereal box ;).


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