Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started May 26, 2004 | Discussions thread
Sean Keegan Senior Member • Posts: 2,994
Re: Not sure what you're getting at

You are very short sighted at all the uses this card could be used for... not just photography. It will sell faster than it can be produced at this price I imagine for a while, just not to people like you. Don't worry, it will come down to your price after a few years. Does no one remember the days when computers cost outrageous amounts?! Remember when the Macintosh II cost $12,000 and had a whopping 1mb of memory.


photogeek wrote:

If I want to store terabytes of pictures I can write them to 300GB
hard drives that are available everywhere for cheap. Or to 300GB
tapes if we're talking about long-term archival storage.

If, on the other hand, I want to use something to take tons of
pictures at a sports event, I'll simply buy a couple of 40GB
storage units and 2-3 high speed 2GB flash cards. Problem solved.

The point was that this card is beyond any reason in terms of
pricing, and that's not the wisest marketing thing to do.

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