Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Really -Don't laugh...

Yeah, that is if they are all 1mb modules which were cheap back then at 500. I remember the day when 2 64mb modules cost 180,000! Or 16.9 milliion dollars for 12 gigs!


Lin Evans wrote:

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=VALOR= wrote:

Oh man.

I was laughing SO HARD when I read this news. The Protec guys must
really get their valves checked. No one in their right minds would
pay that kind of money for a measely 12 GB CF card.

You would be amazed. Digital camera owners are not the early
adopters for large capacity cards. They're used in embedded
systems. Sure, Nikon and Canon and Sony will buy one or two now, to
verify that there won't be any problems in a year or two when the
cards drop in price.

A few years ago, I built a fleet of data gathering computers. Each
one used a pair of 440 meg cards (the biggest on the market at the
time) and they cost either $1800 or $2800 each. Now 440 meg is
worth about $40.

I can see something that needs speed reliability hooking 6 of these
cards to a 6 port raid controller card, configuring it for a 4
drive raid 5 with 2 hot spares, and having a near unstopable,
silent, low power, vibration immune 36 gig storage system that
wouldn't quit until 3 of the cards had failed. Drop it onto a
mountain top, or to the bottom of the sea, where the cost of
replacing it would far exceed the $100,000 cost of building it.

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Historically speaking, $15K for a 12 gigabyte card is cheap fare. I
remember a few years ago when RAM for my computers cost $500 per
megabyte. Let's see - that's what, about 7 million for 14


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