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Re: I think you missed my point

RDKirk wrote:

My point is that the answer the the photographer's problem may not
come as a "photographic" answer--it may show up in "PC Mag" before

I was thinking that a very nice solution would be a PDA that had a flash slot and either a harddrive or USB-2.0 host functionality that would allow to attach an external HD or CD-writer. So far, no PDA that I know of can host USB 2.0.

Yesterday I googled out something that I thought could be a good base for a PSD solution:


  • it's a pocket-size PC with USB-2.0 connectors, a hard drive, and a built-in CD-ROM (or they put in a CD-RW+DVD-ROM, but that costs extra). Doesn't have a display or a keyboard, but has standard connectors. I'm thinking, in the field a small keypad could work for input, and the LEDs on the keypad and the built-in speaker will suffice for confirmation. Add a USB-2.0 card reader of your choice. Write (very simple) copy software to copy the files to the hard drive. And when you're back to your car or a hotel room, attach an LED screen and a regular keyboard, and you'll be able to do full-scale editing (heck, install Photoshop on that thing!).

Don't know if it runs on batteries though, or how rugged it is.

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