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Re: The perfect card for a 100mp camera.

I am semi-pro, so I can shed some light on it. Firstly, my camera produces 10MB RAW image (only 6MP) , so in this case it would be capable for about 1200 shots. It is not unusual for a wedding photographer to shoot between 400 and 600 in a wedding and he/she must be ready at all times. Nevertheless the 12GB is right now a gimic and will push prices of lower capacity down. Also the $14,999 will soon become $4999, when it actually comes out. It is just attention grabber.

One more reason. In the future with 20MP or even 100MP cameras, the 12GB card would give you 100 shots, so this is the future trend in memory to adjust to the advance in photography and digital imaging/processing.

greentank wrote:
Aside for applications that require a CF card be installed and
never removed, I cant see the logic other than to say "we made it
first" - kind of like spending billions of dollars to kick around a
few rocks on the moon. I can't see anyone actually buying one,
however, except as a status symbol for the
I'm-An-Idiot-Billionairre Club. I wouldnt want that much data on a
single chip anyway, unless I was taking 100-meg pics.

StephensonC wrote:
I'm stumped as to why, but I think that if a professional company
decided to make one, than there must be a reason. Is there a
professional out there who could cast a bit of light on this dark
subject(at least for us)

Very curious to know.

John Nicholson wrote:

I'm interested in learning why anyone would consider purchasing
this CF card at the staggering price of $14,900.

I assume that potential users (presumably only professionals) must
have a need to take several hundred RAW photos without changing
cards but I'm struggling to come up with examples of where this
type of requirement would exist?


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