Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: How about diskless systems

Exactly as stated above by "Valor".

Breaking these barriers is very important and can lead to many sideuses not only digitalphoto...

bu ti still think the pricing is correct and its funny that we never learn: I mean Canon used to sell the old 2 Mp D6000 for approx 2500$...haha. it´s exactly the same...people new then that the 2 Mp would be close to 35 mm detail not to mention the medium format BUT it was exactly the studios using medium format and so that bought those "then overpriced" toys...

this will never end...sooon the new BIODE based screens will be avaiable and the will cost millions at first...later on we will cover wall with them or looking at something different...question is; when!?

I sure would like to hear from 12 GB buye why they bought it when som many other solutions are available at more costeffective levels!

Please let us know someone...:)


synp wrote:
I can see things like this being used in diskless systems. With a
12GB they can even run Windows in a very small box, not to mention
Linux. Nothing to do with photography, but then there are other
needs, like a small-office machine with a combination firewall,
vpn, dhcp, mail gateway, even an FTP server.

=VALOR= wrote:

Oh man.

I was laughing SO HARD when I read this news. The Protec guys must
really get their valves checked. No one in their right minds would
pay that kind of money for a measely 12 GB CF card.

Id rather buy a light-weight laptop with CF reader and take it with
me. It even ads the bonus of having ant entire computer at your

Absolutely ridiculous.

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