Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

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The reason why they charge an arm and a leg...

... is probably because there is no market and the relatively low production volumn. Demand will be up with the new generations of affordable DSLRs and 8 megapixels (& up) prosumer P&S's.

Sony is NOT too late. I think they are testing the water. They probably do not want to put in too much features to jack up the asking price. The future generations devices will have the features that we want. I'm pretty sure the big Korean and Chinese corps will follow.

As for me I decided not to get one of these device now even though I have decided on a Nixvue Digital Album. I will take my wife's mini, ultra light laptop (with 38GB of free disk space!!) on the upcoming trip.

ajay kumar wrote:

.. because we, as a community of photographers pay for it!!
Not that we have a choice.
Lets face it Photograhy is an EXPENSIVE hobby.
The more serious you get.. the more yo need to spend.

The PSD companies too want to ride the wave and make a fast buck
out of us hapless souls!!

I guess their justification is that, if we can shell out $1000 +
for an L lens, 500 for a PSD should be easy??

Have to give credit to Sony for stepping in though. The new product
that they are releaseing ni mid june is sure to cause a price drop
among the PSD devices currently available!

Though it does not have any image viewing capability. It has just
what I need. They entered the market a bit too late albeit!!

Hope I can still sell my "made of egg-shells x-drive pro on ebay
without too much of a loss!!


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