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Re: It's coming, but from another direction

RDKirk wrote:

It's coming--but from another direction

I see a common shortness of vision among digital
photographers--forgetting that "digital" is more than photography.

I see no short-sightedness in photographers focusing on photography. MP3s, AVIs, WAVs are not photography. Yeah, they're digital. Excel spreadsheets are "digital", but so what? (OK, OK, some cameras allow a short WAV voice notation so I guess I have to concede that these too should have to be off-loaded into a photographer's PSD.)

I just need a solution to store JPG, NEF, TIF, RAF, etc. images. Arguably, viewing those images and meta data about the images are legitimate, albeit, not necessary functions of such a device. It would be nice to have these as options.

The "digital" realm is very big. It is, as noted earlier, a matter of doing one thing well, rather than doing all manner of things in a compromised manner. I see no lack of vision in just wanting to get the job done without a lot of bells and whistles.

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