Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

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It's coming, but from another direction

It's coming--but from another direction

I see a common shortness of vision among digital photographers--forgetting that "digital" is more than photography.

I bought one of the Radio Shack IO Magic boxes and combined it with a refurbished Toshiba e335 PDA (US$150). I had to add a mass storage driver to the Toshiba and do some registry tweaks (I think most PDAs come with the capability), but the PDA has a nice LCD color screen and gives me the ability to view everything but RAW files and to manage the hard drive. The PDA also has an SD slot (many have a CF slot). It works fine to do pre-shoot checking, as well as spot checks through the course of a long shooting day.

There is certainly no reason a $130 storage device and a $150 PDA can't be combined in the same paperback-sized package for less than $500.

I predict that sooner or later it will for the business market, but will someone on the photo side pick up the concept and make the necessary tweaks to optimize it for photos?

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