Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

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Re: Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

What, currently on the market, comes closest to your needs?

I agree with your priorities as to what's needed, however, I would add "capacity" to the list. Ideally, I'd like it modular with the electronics in a dock-like device and storage modules available in various capacities that can be plugged into the dock. No point in paying for the interface velectronic several times over just to increase your capacity.

We're going to be traveling out of country for two weeks on a package tour. We will each have our own camera. We need to be able to store everything we shoot until we get home. At a minimum, I want 40 GB of storage.

I don't care about mp3s or movie formats. We have a camcorder for that.

I don't care about viewing the images once they are in storage. I just want reliability and ruggedness so the images reach home safely.

It is tempting to opt for one of those devices that just burn the images onto CD-Rs...

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