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Re: Numbers

Good comments...

A couple of you have mentioned the volume market issue so I thought I would add my thoughts.

I didn't mention this before because my post was getting too long as it was but yes volume would help drive down the prices. BUT my premise is there is nothing in a PSD that is not readly available in a dozen other systems. The only thing that is unique is the firmware that must be written to make all the pieces work together.

  • 2.5" drives are being sold by the 1000's so these benefit from the low cost of existing laptop sales.

  • CF readers are dirt cheap. This couldn't cost more than $2 each if even that much for a raw card socket.

I am not aware of the how much drive controller chips and additional components cost but every one of these devices are used on the motherboards of just about every PC made. So I can't imagine there is a big cost involved.

I also agree this is a niche market and of course any company should charge what the market will bear. There is nothing wrong with that but the products should at least meet the reliablity standard.

Also I not sure I agree with JLC's analogy about the cost of cards vs. hd.

"...2 GIG Lexar cards at the $600 each they cost. The equiv of 80 GIGS would end up costing $24,000."

This seems like apples and oranges to me because these are two entirely different technologies and they serve two totally different purposes. Dollar per megabyte vary all over the map depending on a lot of variables. Tape vs. HD, vs. CD vs. DVD vs CF etc.

Here is the problem for PSD manfacturers.. as the price of CF cards come down and the density goes up, at some point the ability to carry around 10+ gigs of CF will be no big deal. If PSD's do not offer more value or additional functionality then their market will become dimished. Remember most of us need location storage not long term device.

The only thing that could be a problem is as the pixel density goes up so does your storage requirements. This could cause a never ending battle of resolution vs. storage. This is one reason I am not too anxious to see 8+ megapixel cameras. I like that 1gig cards are getting cheap but if a 8+mp camera turns my 1gig cards into the same storage as a 512 then I am right back where I started.

Personally I would never keep my images on a portable 80 drive any longer than absolutely necessary. I try to burn to CD as quickly as possible in order to minimize risk of losing my images. I recently had a 40gig laptop drive fail and I did not have them on CD and lost a bunch of images that I could not replace. So IMHO 80gigs in a PSD is asking for trouble.

Thanks for the thoughts and comments.


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