Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It´s always difficult to see

what lies ahead...we should be certain of one thing and that is that advances will continue even faster. I just checked the companie´s Newsrelated topics from 1999 when they beat their own record with the then new world´s largest 128 MB CF+ card...

It´s always funny how we people limit ourselves and think "it´s impossible", meanwhile people that imagine and think it´s possible make huge bucks on trying to do the impossible.

If not the wealthy companies (that we should thank for pushing prices down on older products by buying the latest toys) then there are always exccentric enthousiasts that want the latest...I know in my little town in Sweden there is a guy that always buys the latest digital gadget (ie 1d, 1Ds, MkII, DC 14n, Phase One digital backs) and he´s just playing arround aroused by having the latest and even thrilled of paying the prices...I usually spot his toys for sale on the web...highly depreciated some months later! After all...he has the cash...only time will stop him...:)

Well, I imagine the S3 creating the 24MB files...getting supased by the next Eos and Kodak (perhaps Nikon too?) and all of a sudden we have files approx 50 MB (in RAW), built in huge buffers to not loose the speed, better compressing engines so the 50 MB would have equaled 70-90MB files measured with todays technology...eventually new lenses that resolve more than 120 lines/mm will hit the accessoiries and the game never really ends...

...or does anyone believe it will ever end?

I love the 12 GB means i can soon get some really cheap 2 GB cards for my "out of date 1D" that takes great pictures just as my Hasselblad 500C still does although it was made in 1969 I believe...

Would I be crazy to say that we will have memories hitting 1200 GB in the next 5 years? (portable...Xd, CF or XX format). (factor of 10 in 5 years so far!!! 128 MB to 12 Gb in 5 years no?)

Well I hope this forum survives the internet advances, remains an interesting media for exchange of thoughts end experiences so I could come back and laugh at my predictions for the 1200 BG that time everyone will know that tha traditional "bit" has bin replaced by the Nucleicomputer which can store values of 0 or 1 and 0 and 1 at the same time...totally changing the interpretation of memory and bits...

I wonder if SLR will still be manufactured? How long before the mirrors get replaced by perfect LCDs so no moving parts will be necessary in the camera body?

Please tell me I´m crazy, but I imagine NASA buying these 12 GB cards for their space travels (if they don´t have anything larger already)...once the space shuttle program will be back on feet...:)

The only thing that scares me is that I can´t even imagine what will really happen and tumble between impossible predictions or limitless bla bla...too bad only time will tell for sure.

Sorry for my futuristic diarea Dom

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