Pretec 12 GB CF - just $14,900 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started May 26, 2004 | Discussions thread
Sean Keegan Senior Member • Posts: 2,994
I think it is wonderful.

Who would want to worry about 53 CF cards! Uggh! No thanks! Believe me, even at this price there are going to be plenty of sales. Most likely magazines and companies of various types. To some companies the benifits of 12gigs in 1 card far outweigh the costs involved, and that price is a drop in the bucket on what their equiptment budgets are each year. These cards are not targeted at the common consumer like you and I. Besides give it a couple years and the price will be much more managable. Don't get all bent out of shape just because you cannot afford it. There are plenty who can. We should thank them because it is they who will drive the price down eventually. I remember when one 3D workstation SGI computer cost over 100,000 (and not too long ago either... like 5 years ago). Now you can get a laptop for $3,000 with the same and even greater capabilities thanks to NVidia and ATI etc. But that workstation was not targeting average 3D users.... they are targeting the movie/television ad companies that have the budget to afford these things.


Stealth wrote:

for the price of that card i can buy 53 - 1 gb Lexar 40x cards

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