G2 Gallery - France (Wedding/Honeymoon)

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Re: G2 Gallery - France (Wedding/Honeymoon)

Thank's for sharing your nice pictures. Really shows what one can do with a G2. And with your eye for a picture.

Aaron Mahler wrote:


I thought I'd share a selection of my favorite images from my
wedding and honeymoon in France last fall. There are two pages of
images here with some captions on the enlarged shots. I'm fairly
proud of most of these (including the trite ones).

I took around 4,000 photos during the trip (just over two weeks). I
selected just under 400 that I am particulary fond of and put just
over 100 of them here to share.

I've been doing some matte and glossy 8.5" x 11" prints recently on
a Canon i960 and am very pleased with the output.


These images were shot on my G2 (I now have a G5) and are
unretouched. I always have a lensmate on the camera with a UV
filter. Many of the outdoor shots were taken with a circular
polarizer. Lower light shots using a flash were taken with my 420ex
mounted on the hotshoe.

I carry an Apple Powerbook G4 (Titanium) with me most of the time.
I catalogued shots in iView Pro a couple of times per day during
the trip and cannot say enough how much I like this configuration.
The software is dynamite. I did frequent CD backups during the trip
and sent home copies of everything up until the honeymoon with
family members for added safety.

Any feedback and critiques are appreciated.

Today I started experimenting with a Kirk Macro Flash Bracket and a
Canon ST-E2 mounted on my G5 so I could use my 420ex more flexibly
for macro and studio-type use. I'll post a gallery of those
examples soon if others are interested.


  • Aaron

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