Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

Started May 26, 2004 | Discussions thread
Joseph Senior Member • Posts: 1,167
Because there is no market for it...

... not until recently that regular Joe and Jill can get high resolution digital P&S's and DSLRs with aforedable price tag. When you can get a 512MB for cheap and you only has a 3 megapixels model why do you want to spend a lot on a portable harddrive from a low volumn non-name-brand company? Not everyone is like us in these forums Also, 2.5" harddrive is not exactly cheap not until recently.

Sony is getting into this business now. I guess this is because of their 717 and 828 users demand something like that. I guess you will see prices starting to drop when the serious Korean players like Samsung, LG, etc. and the high volumn Chinese electronics makers get into the market with their offering.

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