My 1st FCAS submission>>>

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Re: My 1st FCAS submission>>>

Hi John

First off, I want to thank you very much for taking the time the evaluate my photo and offer your kind suggestions...

That is a beautiful flower. Excellent photograph. Your choice of
color of background gradient is interesting - two opposite colors.
To me, it is a bit extreme, but that is purely subjective.

I choose the background because I wanted to do something different. I hope it didn't take away from the image.

There are two dark spots on the petals in the upper middle of the
flower. The clone tool would get rid of these and take away this

Thanks again, I did notice it. I was just worried about doing to much PS on the image itself. I did make the correction. Thanks again.

On positioning of the flower in the picture, there is a lot of
space above the flower, but not much to the left. Again, it is a
subjective matter, but I would prefer more to the left of the
flower and less above.

Yes, I agree with you 100%. The stem was not long enough this time around. However, I was able to rotate it a bit and raise it up (please see it again). Thanks again.

Overall, you have captured the essence of the style and created a
beautiful picture. Well done.

This is a tremenous compliment for me. THANKS! I will sure keep a your suggestions in mind for my next FCAS photo.



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