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aRGB is great for editing and working with in PS. Especially for heavy digital manipulation. If you do a lot of this will your picture its best to stay in aRGB. As you are probably aware you will need to convert the final image to sRGB at the end for printing and the web. Some tests done show that theres only small differences in colour between sRGB and aRGB after you convert aRGB to sRGB at the end. I tend not to shoot in aRGB unless its for someone who requests it. Simply because i started using sRGB III and its very very similar to aRGB without the need for conversion. III is as close as i need things. I started choosing it for nearly all my shots and find it far superior to Ia. Having down talked the aRGB, i simply dont know the full benefits of aRGB and photoshop. I havent learnt exactly how to make use of this colour space yet. Unless its something dramtically useful i doubt i'd change. I can tweak the R.G.B channels fine in PS and get good results.

Anyway about calabration. For sRGB III i assigned my monitor profile to the Nikon sRGB colour profile found in c:\program files\common files\Nikon\Profiles. This is the colour space used in capture and i figured it would be the best for sRGB work as its Nikon's own; also used in NCapture. To assign a monitor profile, right click your desktop and choose properties, click settings then advanced, now click colour management. Add in the NikonSRGB (NKsRGB) colour space found in the location above. You can use the same colour space in Photoshop too. But with colour space III you need to calibrate Photoshops ARC (Adobe Raw Convertor) to emulate the colour space III colour settings. It isn't incorparated into ARC as its Nikons own colour space. THerefore there are two ways, load into NC first which tags the NEF with the correct RAW adjustements for space III, then load into PS FROM* NC and you will get exact colours, or you can calibrate ARC with space III adjustments which i save as presets, all with different looks.


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