Editorial - State of the Portable Storage Market

Started May 26, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Hear, hear, with a few exceptions

I couldn't agree more, except with contention #3, which in its full glory wants these devices just for photos.

Video recording is a huge bonus of digital cameras, for me at any rate. As long as a PSD can recognize, store, and playback the multiple formats common among most digital cameras (.JPG, RAW, .AVI, .MPEG, .WAV), then count me in.

A strongly-held conviction on connectivity issues: there's no reason these things shouldn't have a decent on-board display as well as being NTSC/PAL compatible for TV viewing.

I was on the tippy-toe verge of splurging on a FlashTrax not to long ago, but the price vs. features seemed to me to be the prohibitive factor, and I chickened out on the purchase. I just want what LeeLove wants, too, and I think manufacturers are missing out on a huge market of digital camera enthusiasts by trying to offer PSDs that are the equivalent of a four-corkscrew Swiss Army knife.


LeeLove wrote:

Is it just me or does $700 for a PSD seem ridiculous ? What is
Nikon thinking ?

So now that I have got that off my chest here are some constructive
comments on what a PSD should have in order to be truly successful.

In order of importance.

1. Reliability, Reliability, Reliability
2. Rugged
3. Made for Digital Photography
4. Value per Dollar

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