D70 in Ladahk,HIMALAYA # 4 (Last)

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Thanks for your help Anand.

I'm sorry to made anybody confuse about that pic(#10).

First I'd like to say that not possible to take too wide dynamicrange photo like that with D70.

But there are many way to expand it on post process.

DEE in Nikon Capture.
Shadow/Highlight in PhotoShop CS.
Take two photo and blend them with layers.
Or other technic you prefer.

That shot I try to capture all of highlight,so original picture is dark.
After that I use Nikon Capture to correct some exposure.
Transfer it to photoshop adjust curve and mask to protect zone.

Oh,It very hard to me to explain in english...

Torwong Salwala

Anand Sankaran wrote:
Digital DEE is an operation in Nikon Capture 4.1, similar to
Shadows / highlights in PS-CS.

In short, if howhow exposed for the scene and it under-exposed the
interiors, but the windows were correctly exposed and not blown
away, then using digital DEE, one can recover details from the

It is a pretty cool feature.

danfriz wrote:
Another of the mysterious DPReview acronyms...And one I have yet to
figure out... DEE is what?


Anand Sankaran wrote:

Digital DEE might have got the same effect, won't it?


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Torwong Salwala (howhow)

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