Training with Ron Reznick: An Inside Peek

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Training with Ron Reznick: An Inside Peek

For those wondering what it’s like to go to one of Ron Reznick’s training sessions, here’s an inside peek. I just returned from two days with Ron in Yosemite for training, along with Ben & Will, two other DP contributors.

What a phenomenal learning experience!

We began in a hotel room, watching a fascinating presentation on composition with a boatload of excellent examples. After our computers were lined up together in the room, we set out for Yosemite to shoot.

Although the beauty was breathtaking, our focus at first was on composition and nailing the exposure (Between the three students, we had a D2H (me), D100, & D1X. The following shots were with the D2H:

“So, what is the reading of those clouds, 220 or 230?”

Talk about getting intimate with your histogram! Ron helped us rapidly learn to predict proper exposure.

Scene after beautiful scene, we focused on composition & exposure:

Now, what’s your definition of a “short hike?”

Our short hike lasted about 5 miles, with all our gear, but, again, what beauty. Here’s Ron blazing the trail.

Then our hike leads to the water’s edge and there is Ron teaching by demonstrating with great joy and infinite answers:

This was taken by my wife, Shannon, who was tagging along, at Ron’s invitation (a very wise move, as you shall soon see).

Then this beautiful rock:

Then back to the hotel after sunset and a full day of hiking, shooting, & learning.

We spent the next morning processing. Whew! I was the junior tech person of the group and was challenged to keep up. Ron’s training was an extension and elaboration on his e-book which I understood at about 62%. As a result of the training, I left at about 90%, which was a great relief, but not without intensive attention. But Ron was there were on-going answers & encouragement.

Brain-dead with processing, we head off to Burger King and back to Yosemite for more shots:

“Was the water flowing at Yosemite?”

And then we arrive at the summit.

“What can I say about this beauty?” is expressed eloquently by Ron’s arms as sunset arrives”

Of course, there are 3 billion other photographers in the same little spot:

Including my lovely wife Shannon, who Ron graciously allowed to come with us on our hiking & shooting. “Wow,” said Shannon, “I never knew how much went into getting beautiful shots. I finally understand the importance of your lenses & gear.” Now tell me that isn’t music to a husband’s photographic ears! Here’s Shannon thoroughly enjoying the majesty of the moment.

There’s so much beauty that it’s hard to stop. Here’s my last image, almost an afterthought, on our way down from the summit.

Nice training job Ron. I soaked in a waterfall of learning.
Scott Peck

Scott Peck

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