tutorial: how to remove lens flare (dialup ok)

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Andy Williams
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tutorial: how to remove lens flare (dialup ok)

hello forum,

at the request of adrian van ammers

i've put together this explanation of how i get rid of annoying lens flare. as always, if you have a better way, please share it with the forum, i especially enjoy learning new & better ways to get the job done

here's the original file...with the lens flare

use your selection method of choice, and simply pick the opposite area of the lens flare (yes, i realize this method won't work on 100% of images, but for sunsets / sunrises ...which exhibit lens flare a lot...this method works great).

copy (ctrl-j) that selection to a new layer and then choose edit> transform> flip horizontal and the image flips over...

use the move tool (upper right in your toolbox, it's an arrow) and move the selection into position

it's not exactly fitting so choose edit> transform> distort and gently distort the selection so that it matches up perfectly

now for the blending in part. click on the eraser in your toolbox, then put the opacity for this at about 50%. size it so it's big enough to cover the edge of the selection and then some... the idea here is we are going to successively erase the edge of the selection until it blends in nicely. erase a lot at the very edge and then less as you move inwards. i just do it with multiple passes of the eraser, but you can start at high opacity and the lower it as you move inward. if you erase too much, just go backwards with your history pallete. you can see how you are doing by clicking on and off the eyeball for the background layer.

ok were done with a nice blend now, so flatten and then let's have a look:

uh oh - some minor cloning is needed to finish it off... use a soft edged clone brush, at 40-50% opacity and spot clean (you can see the area where i did it, i put the hand icon on it)...

and now we are done. you can at this point go about your other post work, colors adjustment, levels, curves etc.

that's it!

enjoy (getting the most in post) photography,

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