D70 in Ladahk,HIMALAYA # 3 (31 pics)

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Very good !! @.@

hello... howhow.

I have a question.
From your photo, I could feel 12-24 lenz using more than kit lenz.
Could you tell me the using percentage between 12-24 and kit lenz?
I am in consideration between 12-24 f4 and 70-200vr
in my limited budget.

Thanks for your nice photos.

howhow wrote:

Thanks again...

These are a series of Ladahk ... the next one will coming soon.
(May be the last one in Ladahk).

After that I'll post the Rajastan series if you want to see.

Thanks for all comments.

Best regards,

Torwong Salwala(howhow)

p.s. I have my picture took by my friend too.
You can see in the last..... : )

The Third series (New)



The Second series...(Old)


The First series ... (Old)


If you wnat to see more let me know ,please...

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