D70 in Ladahk,HIMALAYA # 3 (31 pics)

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Re: D70 in Ladahk,HIMALAYA # 3 (31 pics)

i couldn't agree more. these are the kinds of images i hope to shoot someday. just spectacular.

Luke Kaven wrote:

I'll say it again. People who post here should study your work
very closely for two important reasons. One, of course, is for the
quality of the work, the compositions, the lighting, the colors.
The other is for the extraordinary way that you treat your subjects
so that you do not take advantage of them. You're a real natural.

With many thanks, Luke

howhow wrote:

Thanks again...

These are a series of Ladahk ... the next one will coming soon.
(May be the last one in Ladahk).

After that I'll post the Rajastan series if you want to see.

Thanks for all comments.

Best regards,

Torwong Salwala(howhow)

p.s. I have my picture took by my friend too.
You can see in the last..... : )

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