G5 or Pro1? my dilemma

Started May 22, 2004 | Discussions thread
Fredy Ross Veteran Member • Posts: 6,793
Not a dilemma, just a matter of your finances.

Dallas Phelps wrote:
The CA issue on the Pro 1 is almost a non issue in everyday
shooting. I shoot lots of outdoor stuff for realtors as well as
interior tripod based layouts and you run into it once in a while,
but you would encounter exactly the same issue in the same shot
with the G5. I have both and after using the Pro 1 EVR with all the
info on the screen, it's quite a step back to pick up the G5 and
have none of that. I don't like the apparent fragile nature of the
Pro 1 lens when fully extended but you just have to be careful. The
lens has quite a lot of dust in it. The top left quadrant of any
shots are slightly out of focus at full zoom. This is the 3rd Pro 1
I've had and in spite of it all, I'm keeping it along with the G5
and D60. Will send this Pro 1 to Canon to address these issues and
expect they will replace or restore it to spec. I find it to be a
very user friendly package and for most shooting will use it
instead of lugging the D60 and lenses, unless needing actions
shots, shallow DOP etc, then the heavy bag comes along. The jpegs
straight out of the camera are amazing.

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Dallas Phelps

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fredyr I have the G3 which I thought was fabulous and still do except for big size prints. The pro 1 isn't perfect but a different animal. I read that the G5 is the same as the G3 just more megapixels. The longer i have the pro 1 the more I like it. CA doesn't exist if you use AV5.6 when you think you will get it like trees and sun. Vignetting in one corner is easy to eliminate in photoshop and doesn't always happen. So I think it is a matter of expense, the focal length, and whether you wish to print very large with 8mps. I can't seem to take clean night shots with the pro but that could be because I don't know what I am doing. Good luck. Hard decision.

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