newbie : what is the diff between macro and standard zoom ?

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thx kaiyen! nt

kaiyen wrote:
You basicallyl got it right.

The key thing about macro is to break it down into various aspects.

1 - "macro" refers basicallyl to reproduction rate. I've read
different ranges, but macro is basically about 1:3 to 1:5 or so.
Beyond that is technically "micro." But you get the idea - macro
means getting close to life-size reproduction rates. And yes, the
"life-size" part refers to the size on the film/sensor. You can
obviously then enlarge it however big you want.

2 - there are a number of ways to achieve these high, macro
reproduction ratios. the logical way is to get closer to it. take
any lens, point it at, say, a flower, and walk towards it while
looking through the VF. Flower gets bigger, right? Another way is
to use a telephoto lens - we all know that telephoto lenses, as
compared to wide angle or normal lenses, magnify more, right?

3 - however, if you take a non-macro lens and start walking towards
that flower, it will get bigger, but at some point you won't be
able to focus that closely. That's where "macro" lenses and
various macro tools (close-up filters, bellows, extension tubes)
come in. These lenses, or regular lenses equipped with
accessories, can focus much, much closer to subject than non-macro
lenses can.

so there you go. magnification, focal length, and distance to
subject yield reproduction rates that are in the "macro" range.


kilago wrote:

just wanted confirmation that i'm understanding macro properly...i
made some changes to the "sensor" image, since it posted weird...

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