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Hi Photobug

Im glad you are finding it useful! I went through the same testing routine. I continually tested the curve with my trusty tripod and laptop on various subjects. I kept refining the curve until i was happy. I did lots of flash tests of my mrs making sure i didnt get any red in skin tones. I started off by doing an unthinkable amount of test setting combinations which led me to my overall tweaks that i use.

All in all i did get through a lot of test shots when making these curves, the goal i set myself was to get shots that looked better exposured throughout the range (and the key here) to work in ALL situations. I wanted to keep the colour and saturation without colour shifting. Seems to have worked out. But i do wish anyone who finds any problems with it to let me know. Photobug if you could kindly email me at "profx at ntlworld dot com" without quotes (sorry for writing it like that, these spam spiders pick up the address) if you have any queries or if your dissatisfied with a certain outcome. That goes for anyone else too. Will your help i can ensure the curve gets a good workout across the board with as many image scenarios as possible. Any suggestions users may have helps me improve the curve if needs be. At the moment i aint touching it because i think i got it just how i want it for my needs.

Thanks again!

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