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Re: Howhow, please, please ...

First sorry for my bad english ...

(1) Camera settings - White Balance, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpening?

Program : Manual (M)
WB : Day light (Sunny) , Don't use Auto WB, it is D70 weak point.
Saturation : 0
Contrast : 0
Sharpening : 0
Color Mode : AdobeRGB.

Metering Mode : Matrix
File format : RAW ,(Some JPEG)

Most of picture I've taken in -1/3 to - 1.0 EV.
Couse I avoid to blow out highlight,D70 is good to keep details in shadow.
So, I can show it later in post process.

For Landscape I set Aperture to F8.0-F16 but I prefer F11.

For Portrait I set Aperture to F3.5-5.6. (F2.8 DOF is too small but I use it in some photo to take effect).

18-70 DX is my favorite lens for many situation...

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(2) Postprocessing - did you do a lot? Just curves? Or Highlight / Shadow recovery too? Do you use Photoshop?

Most picture I capture in RAW format.
I use Nikon Capture to open it and this my workflow.

1.Sizing Images.
2.Exposure correction..to recover some details in shadow.
3.Adjust Curve if it need.(Just some pics)

4.Unsharp mask ... (I think USM in Nikon Capture easier to control than USM in PS)
5.Export to PhotoShop

In Photo Shop I correct some portion in Photo


Fine tune Level
Remove Dust

Rise Saturate,AdobeRGB convert to sRGB for post in web Photo will loose some color.

So,I must up saturation and use small value of color correction (add more red and yellow).
Dodge and burn (some if need)
Save for web at 60 %


(3) Did you have place a warm filter on the camera lens? UV filter? Polarizer filter?

For landscape sky I use C-PL.
And I use skylight filter to protect lens.(very small effect to picture).


(4) Do yo have experience shooting with film? What is your opinion of D70's images compared with film.

I've been on film for 10 years with F90 but that time I'm not serious in photo.
I don't know much about film.

I think D70 is suitable for me to take photo,fast,well operate,long life battery,good range of lens for digital.
But for picture I prefer Canon 10D.(JPEG mode 10D is better)
For compare with film I have no idea.



P.S. I'm bad in english.
But I'm glad to share all I know if it useful. : )
Don't worry to ask me.I'll try to answer.

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