Fuji S602z Pro to Fuji S20 Pro Worthwhile ?

Started May 18, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji S602z Pro to Fuji S20 Pro Worthwhile ?

My 0.02$ is that doesn't worth upgrading, you won't gain much (if any) resolution

You'll gain some more dynamic range and that's it, if you want a more powerful camera go for a dslr


numnutz wrote:

Hi - I was thinking about upgrading from my FujiS602z to a Fuji S20
Pro but am confused as to the physical resolution some sites saying
3.1 mega pixels and some 6 mega pixels the Fuji site says 3.1
million S-Pixels + 3.1 million R-Pixels, delivering 6.03 million
recorded pixels - will this give me a better resolution, ie not
interpolated, than my S602z or is the only difference in the
provision of raw format and different memory cards and other small

Will my present 55mm/55mm filter tube and filters fit?

On the face of it the s7000 has a higher resolution 12 megapixels
although interpolated.

I suppose I am really asking if it is worth while upgrading.

Thank you all in advance


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