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I was wondering about that

this is very interesting. I thought maybe the spider was using it for camoflouge as it always is right in front of the cross, and holding its legs in same formation as if he got only four legs!.

Bob F. wrote:

nowhereatoll wrote:

here is a better view, are they poisonous (somewhat)? I got bit by
the little tarantula cousin that hangs around here, (wolf spider?);
got a 1/2 inch scar on my leg. I woke up one night and flicked
something off me, found the spider 6 mo later behind the stereo
when I moved.

Bob F. wrote:

nowhereatoll wrote:

but seriously; anyone know this spider? personally? It is gold
filigree like a broach with red legs.
more jungle series, 'the jungleflowers':

No they are not poisonous. They just give you a NASTY SUCK! Just

However your wolf spider can bite.

Now what is really interesting is the X shape of combed out silk.
The consensus of opinion is that this formation is to stop birds
from flying, into and breaking the web to pieces. Their webs are
very large and can be woven along a bird's flight path. So the
spider combs out this formation with a special tool on its legs, so
on seeing it, the bird will alter course. When you see them in
tropical forests this behaviour becomes more apparent.
I am fairly certain that the formation is known as a Maltese Cross.

BW Bob F.

I am fairly certain that it is Nephilia clavipes.
This one is a female. The male of the species is very very small.
She is about 100 times bigger than he is.
There is a reason for this. It makes him below prey size so that
when he comes to mate with her she does not eat him. In fact half
the time she does not know anything has happened, and consequently
gets a surprise when she finds she is expecting young.

As you may have gathered I love the beasties and used to keep a
large amount of different species, along with numerous Tarantulas.

Best wishes
Bob F.

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