curve tests...continuing on what Paul posted...

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kilago Regular Member • Posts: 176
curve tests...continuing on what Paul posted...

Continuing on the great work by Paul, I decided to play around with curves just to compare...

Paul's thread:

By the way, credit must go to the folks who made these curves! It's great to have these options available...

Okay, on to the pics I took...
All were taken on a tripod with Nikon Camera Control...
1 sec
FocalLength - 220 mm (330 mm @ 1.5x)
ColorSpace - sRGB
WB set to Incadescent (indoors, halogen lighting)
0 exposure (except for default tone comparison)
saturation normal (except for one pic, indicated by comment in image)

Here are the images:

This is what I've decided to use...

I like the ww3.3 as here's one to compare...

Once I get PS, then I'll probably worry less about which curve I'm using, but it is interesting to compare...


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