128MB SmartMedia problem using Oly 3030

Started May 15, 2004 | Discussions thread
streetshot3 Regular Member • Posts: 304
Re: Is this first time for a 128 card?

The 3020 can accept 128mb cards.

1) Try formatting the card as previously recommended.
2) Try a different card

3) Clean the contacts in the memory card slot. Here's how I do it: clean the card in alcohol. Leave it wet, but not drippingly so. Immediately partially insert the card into the cameras slot and move it back and forth several times. Repeat this procedure a few times.

I have an uzi that does very funky things in terms of how much memory it thinks is left on a card. I have found that implementing #3 on a regular basis seems to clear things up.

There are sm memory slot cleaning cards available. I saw them at Best Buy last Christmas but since then they have disappeared.

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